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When the majority of the items reach 90% or higher completion, beta 0.1 will be released.

version: pre-release
Image Entries
Upload multiple images from webpage90%
Edit/Delete Image Entries90%
Add/Edit/Delete "Linked Images"60%
Display Image Entries90%
Display Linked Images88%
Viewer settable image quality/compression95%
Set default size all new images will be sized to100%
View/Extract exif information90%
Add/Delete/Edit categories (Albums)80%
Organize Image Entries into Categories60%
Browse entries by Date90%
Browse entries by Category90%
Accept/Display Comments90%
Edit/Respond to comments70%
Comment Filters10%
Accept/Display Image Rating90%
Special Organization/Display Modes
Monthly Calendar View80%
Vertical Calendar View0%
XML View85%
Horizontal Thumbnail Bar Browser80%
Track/Display Number of visitors100%
Track/Display Number of pictures100%
WIP (Work In Progress)
Update all core modules to use attributes for settings40%
Modify XML View to return number of items settable by attribute0%
Modify XML to be used as new thumbnail bar browser and top news reviews0%
Modify XML to accept category attribute (RSS per category)0%
Add Secondary Text Fields for Image Entries0%
Modify Category to accept description and image representation10%
Linked Image displaying wrong image name0%
Custom user fields for comments15%
Adding a single comment then moving comment to junk status hides image details until new comment is made0%
Send email after comment is left0%
Create default theme80%
Create alternative included themes1%
Ability to set max size a image can be viewed10%
Install script0%
Host Compatibility Test script0%
Dynamic MySQL table prefix0%
Re-thumbnail all images0%
Ability to set jpeg compression and resize algorithm50%
Keep multiple copies of same image at different sizes0%
Consolidate app into single file with modules89%
Comment / Document all core modules25%
Add new posted date/time field for entires0%
Add abiltiy to post photoblog enteries for future dates0%
Use upload dates for directoy names should be optional0%
version: Future PhotoBlog/Photo Gallery Enhancements
Process bulk pictures from ftp upload
Albums within albums
(important) Compatibility with alternative com objects
Track referrals to site
Password protected albums
Ability to remove image for blog and leave only in category
Spotlight text (link of the day)

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