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Setup Features

Easy Installation
Makes installation and setup fast and easy.
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Template Ability
The template ability is what allows PhotoTilt to function as either a photoblog or as an image gallery or any combination of each you can imagine. You set the default template which opens when visitors first visit your site. Photobloggers might wish to show the latest entry of their blog, Gallery owners might show the category or album page for there site. But the uniqueness doesn't have to end there; you can really layout your site any way you want. For example: You might decided that the first page in your photoblog is going to be different then every other page, perhaps you want some static or dynamic text that you want your visitors to see but it doesn't need to be on every photo entry. Or perhaps on you gallery page, you want to show all the albums available but you also want to display the latest uploaded image and the comments it received. The site design is really up to you, and everything is done with simple HTML files.
Modular Design
PhotoTilt has been designed with expansion in mind. It designed in a modular way, which should make it very easy to create new or extend currently functionality. In the same way, if an existing feature is not required, you may choice to not use it or remove it completely from your version of PhotoTilt.

Image Management

Add/Delete/Modify Entries
Upload and maintain your photos. Add optional photo details like, title, description, camera settings and more. Photo settings like maximum size and compression can be set at this point too.
Modulars: AdminEditImage, *
Bluk Upload
Upload multiple images via FTP and process the entire directory of images.
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EXIF Extraction
Standard EXIF data extraction is automatically done and the appropriate fields are placed in the database tables for each image. However each field may be overwritten or entered manually if needed.
Modulars: AdminEditImage
Auto Thumbnails
Thumbnails are automatically created to whatever size is set by the admin.
Modulars: AdminEditImage
Dynamic Image Viewer
Currently there are two ways to display images on your templates. The first way is to display the image itself. Users will see the image as its saved on the web server (Size, Location and Resolution). Alterative you can display the image including thumbnails using the Dynamic Image Viewer. This will hide from the viewer the real location, size and resolution of the original image. This is very usefully when combined with the Quality Meter, which allows views to change image compression based on their Internet connection speed. This tool is also useful for severing multiple copies of the same image at different resolutions. Set the highest resolution allowed for each image and then setup your template to allow users to see images at different resolutions (perfect for creating desktop backgrounds)

The Dynamic Image Creator can also crop or stretch images to different dimensions, or add borders around images.
File: Image.asp
Category Support
Entries can be placed in multiple categories or albums. This is what makes PhotoTilt also function as a photo gallery. Categories can be given a title, description and an image, all of which can be used to help represent the category when functioning either as a Photoblog or as a photo gallery. Special categories can be created including, highest ranked images and images with the most comments.
Modulars: AdminEditImage, ImageBrowser, *
Date Archive
Image Entries are automatically placed in a date archive, which can be browsed very much like a category. Date archives are categorized by year and subcategorized by month.
Modulars: AdminEditImage, ImageBrowser, *
Image Set
Image sets are a unique feature to PhotoTilt. Multiply images can be attached/linked to a single image. These linked images are said to belong to that image set and do not appear in the photoblog or gallery as their own entire. The possibilities for this feature are limitless and can be used countless ways. For example, you can use it to show a series of related images in a single post. You could use it to show a before and after for a specific image. Or perhaps you want to use it to show a mini tutorial on the steps you took with a specific image.
Modulars: ImageSet

Comment Management

PhotoTilt includes the ability for visitors to leave comments for photo entries. Comments added are stamped with the viewers IP and the date the message was left. The information that can be gathered include: Name, Visitors Website and Comment. Plus three more optional fields which you can use to collect anything, like email address or favorite color.
Modulars: VisitorComments
Comment Manager
Often it's necessary to respond to comments or edit/censor comments left on your site. Comment manager allows you to do both. Plus based on your template you can even make response comments look different then the visitor comments. The comment manager also provides a nice interface to quickly see and manage comments.

Comment manager also provides the basic means to caught and filter possible spam. There are three possible ways to deal with comments collected. The first is to just display the comment without any interaction by you. The second is to hold the first comment left by a visitor for review, once its been accepted, all comments left by that visitor in the future are accepted and posted. The third is to vet every comment that is received.

In addition to above, filters can be created to filter comments by rating. Filters can be set for tokens in comment, visitor IP and user agent. Comments can either be set to posting status, pending status or excluding status based on its rating. Posting/Pending will follow what ever procedures you have set, well excluding status will be added to a deleted queue, which can be manually reviewed and deleted or purged automatically.

Email notification can be set at all levels of the filter stages.
Modulars: VisitorComments, *

Included Extended Features

XML Support
Allow visitors to subscribe to an RSS/Atom XML feed from your PhotoTilt entries.
Modulars: XMLCreator
Image Thumbnail Bar
Displays a bar of thumbnails to make navigation from picture to picture easier.
Modulars: ThumbnailBar
Image Rating
Collect and display image rating for individual photos. Collecting and displaying customized via templates. You can also set the minimum time need to pass before visitor can vote on the same image again.
Modulars: RatingForm
This provides a total counter on entries, visitors and unique visitors.
Modulars: StatsInformation
The calendar features displays a calendar with thumbnail on images uploaded for the specify calendar days.
Modulars: Calendar
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